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I was immediately offered contracts but I chose to ride with Telekom. They said I was too old, but offered me a compromise. They offered to pay me if I went and lived in Germany, and rode for a smaller squad [Team Sparkasse, an feeder squad for T-Mobile,Rolex Replica Watches previously known as Telekom]. I won two stages of the Tour de Berlin among other things. In 2007, I became a professional cyclist and began to form friendships that would last a lifetime. I met one of my closest friends, Bernhard Eisel. He was a sprinter for Telekom and he had faith in me. He supported me when I started to beat him in training camp. I'll always remember him for that.

Mark Cavendish, Bernhard Eisel and Team Sky share a moment before a race.

Franck Muller Replica Watches: How was it to ride at Telekom? Was Erik Zabel racing when you were there?

Mark Cavendish: Yes. Zabel has always been good to me. I still have a good relationship with him. I became a pro cyclist and immediately began winning races. I wanted to know how I would do on the World Tour. After winning two stages in Catalonia I sent a letter to Telekom's management. It was crazy opportunism at 21. I told them, "My dream is win the Tour de France." It's going to start in England this year with a sprint and a time-trial. Please let me try this. "Either I will go and win, or I will realise that the level is above me so I will understand how much further I need to progress."

Then they took me, and I instantly realised that I was out of my depth. You have amateur cycling, professional cycling, World Tour Cycling and then the Tour de France. In every race, you have guys who are hurt, who don't want to be there and who are trying their first big race. At the Tour, you have 200 of the best cyclists in the world, in peak physical condition, who all understand that what they do during the race will define their career.rolex day date replica The Tour de France takes up 80 per cent of a team's budget. In my first Tour I crashed in my first two stages. Axel Merckx stayed with me as I climbed the Alps and my vision was fading from the effort. I knew what I needed to do to improve in the winter.