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Cavendish celebrating his gold medal at the 2005 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

Patek Philippe Replica: what changed you?

Mark Cavendish : I was changed most by my marriage, having children, and growing up. This gave me a whole new outlook on life. I'm the same person, but my view of the world has changed. Even though I am 32 years old,Patek Philippe Replica I still have to pay for the things I said at 18. Even though I still speak my mind, I'm more conscious of the impact it may have on others.

Mark and his daughter before a 2016 Rio Olympics competition

Wei Koh : You are from the Isle of Man. There is a lot of cycling culture in the Isle of Man.

Mark Cavendish : The Isle of Man has a strong motorcycling culture, but cycling isn't far behind. The sport is very popular where I come from. You would see groups of up to 60 cyclists riding at the weekends. In my childhood, I always rode a bike.

Yann Le Moenner: How did you start racing?

Mark Cavendish: When we were young, my brother and I both had some behavioral problems. We were out-of-control. I still liked my bike. Someone told me about these races for children and suggested I try them. So I went to my first race and faced these road bikers while I was riding BMX. It drove me crazy that I finished last. My mother laughed at me when I told her. I told her that I thought I could do better if I had gears on my bike. So I got a bicycle for my birthday.Rolex Submariner Replica She gave me a mountainbike, and I wanted a roadbike. I didn't really care. My birthday fell on a Tuesday, and the race took place on Monday. The race was cancelled because it was raining and I was the only one who showed up. I went to the next race, and I won. The next week I went and won again. After five weeks of winning five races, I thought "This is simple." I wanted to race in England against the English guys. I bought a used road bike, and I started thinking about ways to be faster. The gear levers on my bike were located at the bottom of the frame, so I learned to use my knees to change gears. I didn't realize that professional racers did the same thing when they used older bikes until I met them.