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David Millar, a future teammate of Mark Cavendish, meets him at the Isle of Man Cycling Festival at age 11.

Richard Mille Replica Watches: When did you realize you were a special person?

Mark Cavendish: I won races on my terrible bike when I was 12. The next year,Richard Mille Replica Watches I won the British Championship. I had borrowed a bike and smashed it. Someone suggested that I try out the velodrome. I had no idea what the velodrome was but borrowed another bike to win the British Championship. I just got onto the bike and went quickly. I broke four British records, and won four British championships. I was only 13 years old.

In my 14th year, I raced the day before the North-West Championships. I had lapped the field two times and asked if I could compete with the Under-16s. I raced with the Under 16s and won. I won the Youth Olympics qualifying race and wanted to attend the Youth Olympics. But they said I was too old to attend the Youth Olympics. Then I realized I was a good athlete. It may sound arrogant but I believe that all successful elite athletes need to have this self-confidence and inner confidence. You will never be able to reach the next level without this.

Yann Le Moaner: I admire Mark because he was a cyclist and a student from earliest childhood.

Mark Cavendish: Absolutely. When I was 14, I had a plan.Rolex Replica Around this time, there were two dominant teams in cycling - US Postal & Telekom. Then, I was learning French as a second language. I asked if I could start learning German after I passed my exams. I wanted to ride for Telekom.

Mark Cavendish wearing his Richard Mille Replica Watches Felipe Massa RM 011 Felipe Massa with Carbon TPT case and titanium case, and yellow rubber band (Portrait photography Jake Walters).