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Wei Koh, is it true that you worked in a bank for 2 years to be able to move to Europe and race?

Mark Cavendish: Yes. When I turned 16, I thought about how I could become a professional. Many of my friends at the time were under-18 cyclists. For me to get a professional contract I would have to move to Europe. I began working for Barclays, and I continued to save and save my money. I was always honest with the bank. When I turned 18,replica watches I told the bank that I would pursue a career as a professional cyclist.

I still raced. I was furious because the World Championships in Belgium were on a flat track that favored sprinters. I had already realised that I was a sprinter. I'd won hilly courses, time trials and other races but knew that my specialty was sprinting. You can be good on flat terrain without training, but you need to train for hills. I didn't win anything because the selection courses were always steep.

Finally, when I turned 18, I finally left the bank. I was going to race in Holland but the British Under-23 program started. It was the first time I had a stroke of good luck where things beyond my control worked in my favor. When they asked about race scenarios, I was initially not invited, but after I answered, I felt that I had a good grasp of racing. They then gave me the wild card slot.

I had worked in a bank two years and was physically in bad shape.patek philippe replica watches I was being caned over and over again. They used to be very rough with me. They would be as harsh as possible with me. Every time I felt the pain, I knew that I was getting better. You have to realize that this is a long-term process, and you will need to work hard to make improvements. There is no alternative. This is the only way. We went to the first race of the senior national series for that year and I won. In that same year, I won the World Championships. I was only 19 years old.